About D-Tune and Deep Tune


D-Tune is a polish dance project found in 2004. It experienced quite a good success with the first tracks like Memories or Candy Lady.
Over the years, D-Tune made a lot of widely known remixes which are still played in the clubs.

In 2005 we have signed a 5-year long contract with Warner Music Singapore. NexT made few official remixes for the popular stars like DCX (DC-10) and B.P.M..
D-Tune also released a full-CD megamix ("Super DJ Megamix 2") with almost 50 tracks popular in 2007, and lot of them modified a bit, like Basslovers United - I Can't Dance which never appeared as the full version remix.

In 2011 D-Tune is getting back on the scene, slowly releasing the tracks from never released On Cue album and brand new tracks. Will it get back to the past popularity? It all depends on you :) Subscribe the NexT's channel on YouTube or SoundCloud page, so you'll be always up-to-date and help with the promotion! You can also catch us there if you want D-Tune to play in your club. Visit the website of DJ J'Leed (polish language only).

In 2016 a new album, Kinetic was released. Some cooperation with BaseTime started. Remixed a progressive metal song by Borealis.
Find all the newest information in on D-Tune Facebook's channel - https://www.facebook.com/dtune.poland

Deep Tune

In 2010 the new project - Deep Tune was born. The team now consists of two producers - NexT and PrH, nowadays known as Deaf End, from his D'N'B / dubstep project.

Deep Tune tries to reach some other audience, mainly because of the trance / techno / house / minimal arrangements. It combines our 10 years of experience with a lot of modern energy, different moods and whole new unique lead sound.

You can get more familiar with the Deep Tune music visiting the SoundCloud (http://soundcloud.com/deep-tune) page or YouTube channel.