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D-Tune - Drone

Our newest production

D-Tune - Handz Up!

All the people here reiase your hands!

D-Tune - Phantom

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D-Tune - Kinetic

About 74 minutes of pure D-Tune music done by NexT, the D-Tune producer.
History of some tracks reach back to 2003 when D-Tune wasn't even planned yet.

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Kinetic Tracklist:
  1. Kinetic
  2. Bloom Box
  3. Warriors
  4. Route 90
  5. Side Effect
  6. Audiofever
  7. Make It Up
  8. Discovery
  9. High Stake
  10. Rise & Flow
  11. Keep Da Base Reloaded
  12. Grandwah
  13. Never Again (feat. Oceansbasse)
  14. That One!
  15. Propeller
  16. Dusk
  17. Rock It
  18. Voltage (feat. Atti Master)
  19. Hyper
  20. FadeOut

D-Tune - On Cue

The first D-Tune album. Includes songs with vocalists like Cassi Luv, Simple G, Sylvia, Trishee and Mr Melody. As a bonus track, there is Candy Lady remixed by BaseTime.

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On Cue tracklist:
  1. On Cue
  2. Candy Lady
  3. Another Chance
  4. Keep Da Base
  5. Sunshine
  6. High & Low
  7. Memories
  8. Take This Out
  9. Rock This Place
  10. Dangerous Stranger
  11. Trust
  12. Real Love
  13. The Power
  14. Omen 3
  15. The Touch
  16. True Lies
  17. Try Me
  18. Candy Lady (BaseTime Remix)

Listen to music previews of Kinetic on D-Tune SoundCloud and D-Tune YouTube channel. The fragments were not altered by compression or equalization, to demonstrate the final audio. The megamix intro music made by Deep Tune is not included with the album.

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